Horsetooth Hike

cliff538 Hiking, Outside

Hey, if you haven’t noticed it’s summer out there! Time for a hike. Forget the over-time at work, the yard work can wait, the dry cleaning doesn’t r-e-a-l-l-y have to be dropped off today… it’s time to get outside and suck in some fresh, flower-scented air.   KILL your TV, get OUTSIDE


Wind: friend and foe

cliff538 Biking, Outside

20 gusting to 35 knots… it was hard to get my enthusiasm up beyond “your kidding right?” It turned into a leg searing, grimaced faced, beautiful ride. Pros; The trails are just about empty that much wind keeps most people home, it’s a great workout, dealing with wind takes practice, mental practice. Cons; riding in granny gear straight into 25 …


Spring is Here! Giant Anthem X1 Ride

cliff538 Biking, Outside

It was a beautiful 65 degrees on the Front Range today. New Maxxis rubber on the Anthem begged to be taken out. 18 miles yesterday with a stop at Odell Brewery for fresh homemade chips from the food-truck and a couple of Red IPA’s on tap, a quick 16 miles this afternoon around Pine Ridge. It feels good to bring …

Photo Challenge #1 ~ A Mountain Drive

cliff538 Photo Challenge, Photography

A little background on my photo challenges. I don’t remember now where I read about it, but I liked the idea of it. Basically it’s going out doing anything you want and taking pictures, coming home and posting them for all to see. It’s practice I guess, a challenge to view the world thru your camera looking for all the …

From the Archives #1

cliff538 Photography

A small selection of favorites from days, months, and years past. I’m trying to unearth small batches of personal favorites from storage and get them posted every few months. Taken with an iPhone, Nikon D300/D80 and various small point and shoots. Edited with LightRoom. (click a picture to start a carousel slideshow)