My Basement Smells like Rhino Farts.

cliff538 Fermentation

    ider time again! I always look forward to this time of year. Last year’s batch turned out great so I did not want to change much this year. But, you always want to “experiment” to see if you can do better! Seven gallons of Ela Family Farms Cider, two pounds sugar and one packet of Nottingham yeast, thats it. …

Horsetooth Hike

cliff538 Hiking, Outside

Hey, if you haven’t noticed it’s summer out there! Time for a hike. Forget the over-time at work, the yard work can wait, the dry cleaning doesn’t r-e-a-l-l-y have to be dropped off today… it’s time to get outside and suck in some fresh, flower-scented air.   KILL your TV, get OUTSIDE


Wind: friend and foe

cliff538 Biking, Outside

20 gusting to 35 knots… it was hard to get my enthusiasm up beyond “your kidding right?” It turned into a leg searing, grimaced faced, beautiful ride. Pros; The trails are just about empty that much wind keeps most people home, it’s a great workout, dealing with wind takes practice, mental practice. Cons; riding in granny gear straight into 25 …